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The WallBanger 185 is designed for the power player who is looking to increase ball speed. However, even at 185g the rackets weight distribution makes this frame easy to use and superbly balanced. Strung with premium Ashaway Racquetball String (PowerKill Pro), this frame is ready to go.

This is the heavier of the two Ashaway WallBanger Frames and with its Slim Pro Head shape,increases power on the Sweet Spot ,as the Sweet Spot itself is higher on the racket. The frame is made from the Highest grade Graphite (40Tonne Japanese Carbon) to make sure its owner feels at ease with its reliability and durability. The Ashaway Wallbanger 185 packs a punch on the court and is a great choice for those looking for that extra power.



  • Fan Stringing Pattern
  • 16 x 22 String Pattern
  • Slim Pro Head Shape
  • Raised Sweet Spot for More Power
  • 40 Tonne Japanese Carbon Graphite (Highest Grade Graphite)
  • Designed for Racquetball/Squash 57
  • Strung with Premium Ashaway Racquetball String – PowerKill Pro 1.30 Gauge
  • Thickest Gauge Premium Ashaway String for 185g Power Model
  • Weight 185g

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