Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet [2019]

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Babolat and Pure Aero lead the way in offering maximum spin potential. After much testing and and additional technologies added, Babolat are keeping up with the demands of the modern game to give their players an edge over opponents.

This updated Pure Aero version also offers power and comfort together with control. Featuring a lower stiffness rating than the 2017 version, from 70 to 67. The Cortex system has also moved from the handle to the head of the racquet.

Babolat works closely with the players to develop the Pure Aero range and focused on two things. Firstly, the faster the speed of the racquet moving through the air, the more a player is able to generate spin. Secondly, the more movement of strings on the mains, the more spin can be generated.

Pure Aero incorporates Aeromodular2 and FSI Spin. Aeromodular2 Technology helps to improve the aerodynamics and create more speed through the air, so the frame has minimal wind resistance due to Woofer System and Cortex inside the frame.

FSI Spin Technology utilises oblong grommets relocated now at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions of the head and has a more open string pattern to increase movement of the strings.

This racquet is shipped factory UNSTRUNG.

This racquet is shipped WITHOUT a cover.