Tecnifibre T-REBOUND 255 TEMPO3

Grip Size: G0
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  • Material 100% graphite

  • Sieve size 645cm² / 100in²

  • Weight 255g / 8.9oz

  • Balance 335mm

  • Length 67.5cm

  • Cross section 24.2 / 26 / 25.4mm

The T-Rebound 255 Tempo3 racquet was designed specifically for women. Ideal for young players as the first adult racquet, maximum lightness without compromising power. The lightest of the 255g range for a product very easy to handle. In order to compensate for the lack of inertia of its light weight, the power is provided by the combination of two technologies. On the one hand, the Tempo System, an optimized length of the racket which allows stronger and faster acceleration of the swing. And on the other hand its specific 14x18 string pattern which frees the elasticity of the strings for maximum energy restitution and spinning. Pre-strung to be directly ready for use, it is also equipped with "EZ Lock", enlarged eyelets,

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